Meet Xay Capisce

If real street life, lyricism, talent, and hard work was a meme, you will find Xay Capisce name all over it. With only three short years under his belt, Xay Capisce has quickly elevated his presence in a crowded industry after serving nearly a decade in prison. Now since his release, Xay Capisce continues to cultivate a career that is sure to inspire others but change the trajectory of his life.

Born as Xavier Gibson in Anniston, Alabama, but raised between Louisiana and Georgia, Xay Capisce endured significant life changes that encouraged him to explore music to channel his creative energy. From the separation from his mother at an early age to becoming a young father, these life experiences not only pushed him to make adult decisions but added fuel to his fire to become successful.

From the beginning of his career, Xay Capisce played the backbone of many independent artists by funding and fueling their campaigns; specifically, 4LAD (For Life and Death), a group of young aspiring and creative artists. However, after several failed attempts, Xay Capisce realized he needed to invest in his personal dreams to become the artist he wanted for others. This experience made him realize how his stories; good or bad could be creatively shared through his music and southern style.

Xay Capisce career is influenced by some of the industry’s top artists; not just for their style of rap but how they’ve crafted their successful careers. For example, Master P has inspired Xay to become more knowledgeable in business and to always have a strategy in place. In addition, Xay is inspired by TI and community activism with criminal justice reform and support for Southern artists, Nipsey Hussle for his entrepreneurship and his continuous commitment to give back to the community and Jeezy’s authentic connection to the streets. Other influences include Future, Kevin Gates, and Lil Durk. Each artist empowers Xay to perform at his highest level with the goal of leaving a legacy of longevity, community activism and realness.

Since launching his music career in 2017, Xay Capisce is going full throttle and is not holding anything back. Within the last year, he has independently released several singles that have each generated over 100,000+ views and listens simultaneously. Most recently, his latest releases ‘Confessional’ and ‘U Can’t Tell’ from his highly anticipated project ‘ON GOD 2’ has resulted in hundreds of thousands of spins that has contributed to his overall growing
fanbase. ‘ON GOD 2’ was partly produced two-time Grammy-award winning producer Drumma Boy along with VL Deck and Paxquio. Featured artists include Boosie Badass and Light Skin Keisha.

From his hard-hitting lyrics accompanied by up-tempo 808’s, Xay Capisce talent and hard work is beating out the competition with no questions asked. For more information about Xay Capisce, connect by: